Who we are?

Welcome! We’re a small indie game company based in northern Denmark. Our mission is to develop awesome and enjoyable games for everyone and have fun doing it. We’re working on a new and exciting project, so have a look around and check our blog for regular updates on the game.


– Team Last Minute

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Arco is live on Kickstarter!

So early Friday morning, we went live on Kickstarter with Arco!

It’s been a rough couple of days with loads of work gone into social marketing and contact various blogs and news sites. We’re hoping all the hard work will pay off, but so far we’ve had a slow start on Kickstarter, where we’ve mostly reached our current network. With at least one news site feature on the way and hopefully more to come, we’re hoping to spread the word of our amazing game to even more people though!

The Unveiling of Project ARCHER

We want to create a real-time puzzle game with RPG elements, set in a fantasy land. It is about fast decision making, quick reflexes and planning ahead your battles.

The game takes you on an epic journey to uncover the mystery threatening the world. You will need to be in the right place at the right time and use your skills wisely to fight off endless hordes of enemies.


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